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Best Way to End a Maui Day

Maui has dazzling sunsets and it’s a daily ritual to watch the mesmerizing sun dip into the beautiful Pacific in the middle of nowhere. It’s a nightly spectacle to watch from our Western facing direction and the volume gets turned up a few notches if watching on one of Kainani Sails Maui sunset tours.

Sailing offshore in the calm waters the colors of red, orange and yellow pop like nowhere else and the phrase, “salty hair, no care’ really takes on a new meaning. Riding on a boat is one thing, but sailing is another and that’s what we do. We have calm winds out of Lahaina but still enough poof to move along at a leisurely pace so you won’t spill your Mai Tai!

Bring your loved one, or family, and you are assured to end your day in the best way possible with a private sunset sail with Kainani Sails.

Maui Sunset Sail
Maui Sunset Sail

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