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Aloha! My name is Keao!

Keao, pronounced Kay-Ow, means "the dawn" in Hawaiian. I was born and raised in Hilo on Hawai'i, also known as the Big Island. My mom was a Hawaiian Studies teacher, so at a young age, I learned a lot about Hawaiian culture, traditions, the islands and the ocean. I learned about wa'a, traditional Polynesian voyaging canoes, and the voyages of Hokule'a, a traditional canoe that has sailed around the world ( The story of Hokule'a stayed with me and inspired me to learn more about sailing. I bought my first sailboat at the ripe age of 21, learned the ropes and found my sea legs. Since then, I have crewed, captained and delivered vessels that have taken me across the Pacific Ocean multiple times, along the West Coast of America and Mexico and throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Currently, I am a the lead Captain for Kainani Sails. If I am not sailing, I am surfing, diving, hiking, fishing, camping, kiting, playing soccer, playing beach volleyball or maintaining the boats. I enjoy being able to share Hawai'i with you in a unique and special way.             Let's Go Sailing! #captainkeao

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This photo features the
original Kainani sailing vessel.
We upgraded in 2019. 

Captain Patrick
Captain Ely