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Cruise Into The Maui Sunset

Maui sunsets are second to none…In the winter, the sun slowly sinks behind Lanai with some undoubtedly dramatic cloud formations all around giving layers of vibrant and majestic colors! In the summer, the sun falls into horizon, disappearing where the water meets the sky! It’s really hard to pick which is more breath taking!

It’s difficult to imagine something more special or relaxing than watching the setting Maui sun, but one way to make it even more memorable is to come with Kainani Sails and go out for a sunset sail. To witness the sunset from on the ocean is something so magnificent and other worldly! You get the best, unobstructed view of the sun PLUS the added view of Maui glowing in the rich colors of the sinking sun. It is truly magical!

Take sunset to the next level with Kainani Sails sunset cruise. We promise to make it an evening that will not be forgotten soon!

Kainani Sunset Sail Cruise Maui
Kainani Sails Into The Sinking Maui Sun

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