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Maui is a “Honu” World

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Maui is synonymous with marine sea turtles. It’s a must-do activity to dip your head in the ocean to see them in their natural habitat during a Maui snorkel tour with Kainani Sails.

Our most common species is the “Honu,” which is the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. It’s a true Hawaiian local because they are born here and stay here. The female will venture off once a year to lay her eggs on French Frigate Shoals, one of our Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, which is remote, protected, and off limits due to its World Heritage Site status. This guarantees a higher population.

While viewing is aware that since these are a protected species and there are rules protecting them, like no touching. Because they aren’t harassed most aren’t scared and you can often times get close encounters while still respecting their space. Kainani Sails will take you on a private snorkel charter where the captain will take you to 2-3 spots that have the best conditions for the day and you have an almost guaranteed opportunity to take a look into a “Honu” world.

Maui snorkeling tour
Hawaiian Honu - Green Sea Turtle

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