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Maui is Not Like Other Islands

Maui is a special place in general but it also stands out from the other Hawaiian Islands when it comes to our private sailing charters. Kainani Sails lets YOU create your own experience by choosing where you want to go on our sailboat you need places to actually go to.

Unlike the other Hawaiian Islands that stand alone with miles of distance between them Maui is surrounded by other islands in close proximity. This means you have many more places to go to and experience. A mere 9 miles across the ‘Au ‘Au or Pailolo Channels are Lanai and Molokai, both spectacular and unique places to explore and view. We also have Molokini Crater, a world famous Maui snorkeling spot off of our South shore. The gorgeous and protected Makena coast on the South shore is also a great place to explore the moonscape of lava that spewed out roughly 220 years ago at the base of Haleakala.

So come join us at Kainani sails and experience locally owned hospitality, knowledge and variety unparalleled on any other Hawaiian islands.

Kainani Sails Unparalleled Adventure!

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