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Maui Snorkeling At Its Finest

Anything water related on Maui is sure to be an absolute blast. From surfing to paddling and swimming and cliff diving…Maui has it all! One of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful, warm, inspiring Maui waters is through snorkeling.

At Kainani Sails, we offer both private and group snorkel tours from our world-class sailboat! During your adventure, we provide you with and n-water guide at a local reef or marine preserve where you are bound to see and learn about all kinds of different creatures below the sea! Our Maui snorkeling tours really offer exclusive stops and information!

On board the sailboat, we offer a delicious catered lunch to satisfy you hungry ‘opu (tummy). There are also plenty of opportunities to kick back, relax and soak top the sunshine.

With Kainani Sails Maui snorkel tours, we promise a once-in-a-lifetime experience to immerse yourself in Maui’s amazing marine environment!

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