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Snorkel with Fish Seen Nowhere Else on Earth

When you come on a Maui snorkel tour with Kainani Sails you will see fish that live nowhere else on earth. The Hawaiian Islands is the most remote island archipelago in the world and because of this the fish have evolved into their own species.

When something lives nowhere else on earth the term is called “endemic” and up to 25% of the fish in our ocean bear this moniker, the most in the world. You can say that Maui has one of the most unique marine environments on the whole planet.

Most people don’t realize this fact but Kainani Sails wants to educate you and get you excited about sailing with us on one of our private charters where we take you on a snorkel tour that is custom designed by you, with help from our Captain. We set ourselves apart in that we actually harness the wind and sail to our destination.

It really doesn’t get any better than this! We have an in-water naturalist/guide that will show you the reef and point out marine creatures that live nowhere else on earth! See you soon.

Maui Snorkeling Tour
Swim With All Kinds of Marine Life

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