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Unique is an Understatement

We specialize in unique here at Kainani Sails. Why? Because we do what YOU want to do, where you create the itinerary. Imagine a Maui adventure on your own private, chartered sailboat. Rarely do you find a tour where you actually put the sails up and harness the wind that makes Maui so famous. Sure, you can find many tours that load a gas-powered boat with people to capacity and do the same tour day after day. Not us at Kainani Sails.

With our intimate island knowledge, and your desires, we put together a custom tour designed specifically for you! Whether you want a Maui snorkeling tour, a dazzling sunset trip

or even a whale watch you will get the opportunity to do and see things not many other visitors get to a chance to experience with our private Maui charters.

We welcome you with Aloha to join us to create your own “unique” Maui sailing experience.

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Kainani Private Charter

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