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What Will I See?

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

When you join Kainani Sails in Maui on our snorkeling tour, sunset sail or our custom private charter what will you see?? Well, we can’t make any guarantees except that you will see scenic beauty everywhere you turn your head.

Some other sights that you may view are Humpback whales. They are here now in their winter breeding grounds and they are a spectacle to behold. There is a chance that Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins will join the fun and put on a show for us. Pilot Whales aren’t out of the question either but aren’t as common as seeing Spinner or Bottlenose Dolphins.

Whether on the surface or underwater seeing a Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is quite common but more often near the shoreline where they live and are almost guaranteed on our snorkel tour. While snorkeling you will also see a variety of beautiful reef fish and if you are extra lucky you may see the most rare marine mammal anywhere in the world, the Hawaiian Monk Seal.

This isn’t the end of the list and we welcome you to come join us to add more unique sightings to it!

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