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Your Own Sailboat

Being out on the warm Maui waters is a great way to spend any day. At Kainani Sails, we offer private charters on our luxury sailboat. It's a great way to enjoy views of the island, get up close and personal with marine life and we together with your loved ones!

A Maui private charter boat through Kainani Sails promises a fun-filled day, with lots of soaking up of the sun, refreshing dips into the ocean and sailing excitement. We also offer a catered lunch and refreshments to satisfy your hungry tummy from all the adventuring you will be doing.

The best way to spend a day is out on the waters in Maui and the best way to get out there is with Kainani Sails private charters! Gather your friends and family and get ready for a great day out on the seas!

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Kainani Sails in the Wind

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